Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my windows cleaned?
Many of our regular customers have their windows cleaned twice a year. We recommend that you have your windows cleaned at least once a year to help prevent glass degradation. Windows may become stained by oxidation, hard water minerals, swimming pool sweeps (spray), sprinklers, pest control sprays, etc. Regular window washing can help prevent the build up that would necessitate expensive glass restoration as well as allow you to enjoy clean windows all year long.
How long will it take to complete the job?
Appointments may last anywhere from one hour to all day depending on the size of the home and services ordered. When making your appointment, you can ask for an approximation of the appointment length. Your site manager will also be happy to update you on the estimated completion time as the job progresses.
How much will it cost?
Give us a call, email, or fill out our Contact Us form to set up a time for your free no obligation estimate.
Can I make an appointment on-line or via e-mail?
The best way to make an appointment is to go to our Contact Us page and fill out the form. We will then email you to find an appointment that works for you. Please note that due to the fluctuating nature of the schedule, appointments offered through email must be confirmed by the customer within one hour from the time we send the email or the time slot may be offered to another customer. If this happens, we will email you immediately to inform you and to offer you another appointment time.
When are appointments available?
Generally appointments are available Monday thru Friday all year round. We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays. However, we are occasionally able to schedule jobs on Saturdays.
My windows appear foggy. Will that go away with a window washing?
If the windows are double paned, your window seals may have failed. That means that the foggy haze is in between the two panels of glass. That will not go away. The window would have to be replaced. Contact your window manufacturer or installer to check if your windows are still under warranty.
Do I need to be home for the estimate?
In most cases, no. After telling us which services you would like to have done, we can just take a walk around the exterior of the home taking a look at the work required and get you an estimate later that same day. If there are any interior windows, doors, mirrors or other work that needs to be done on the inside of the home that were not visible from the exterior, please inform your site manager upon our arrival so that they may be added to your work order. For the most accurate estimate, please inform us of any interior work needed when making your appointment.
Do I need to be home for the work to be done?
Though it is not always necessary for you to be home for the entire appointment we do ask that someone be home when we arrive so we may go over any questions or details if necessary and to handle payment. If you will not be able to be at home during your appointment, please Contact Us so that we may make arrangements to accommodate your request.
Will your cleaning products be harmful to my children or pets?
Our professional window washing soap is 100% non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. It is not harmful to children, pets, or to your landscaping. It is gentle on hands yet tough on dirt, has a pleasant fragrance to it and leaves a brilliant shine to your windows.
Do you supply all your own ladders?
Yes, we provide all of our own supplies and equipment. The only thing we need from you is access to an exterior water faucet.
What if it is raining the day we have our job scheduled?
Unless you call to reschedule the appointment, we will arrive at the appointment time and begin working as long as it is safe to complete the job. In cases where safety may be an issue we will reschedule accordingly.
Why should I get my rain gutters cleaned?
Regular rain gutter cleaning is an essential part of your homes long term maintenance. If the rain gutters become clogged with debris, water could pool on the roof eventually spilling over and dripping down the sides of the house. This may damage the roof, windows, doors, siding or stucco which may cause the building seals that keep your home watertight to weaken, eventually resulting in a leaking roof, foundation damage, dry rot or even mold.
How often should I have my rain gutters cleaned?
We recommend that you have your rain gutters cleaned a minimum of once a year to ensure that they are flowing and draining properly and to identify any possible issues before they become a problem. Homes with many trees around them may require more frequent cleaning. Your site manager will be happy to advise you as to how often your home may need this important service.
Do you provide service in my area?
We cover most of the Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano County areas including but not limited to:

Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Clayton, Martinez, Pinole, Hercules, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, Rodeo, Crockett, El Sobrante, Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont, San Leandro, Dublin, Pleasanton, Cordelia, Fairfield, Vacaville, Napa, Vallejo, and Benicia.
What form of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, or credit cards. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
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